2009/10: The New Republic

Ending Our Age of Suffering: A Plan to Stop Genocide

“This major article, published in the New Republic to coincide with the publication of Worse Than War, challenges the international community’s and the Obama Administration’s complacency towards stopping genocide.” TNR.com | .pdf

2009/10: SPIEGEL Interview with Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Mass Slaughter Is a Systemic Problem of the Modern World

“The political scientist Daniel Jonah Goldhagen has never been one to shy away from controversy. In his new book, he argues that state leaders who propagate genocide should be killed outright. SPIEGEL spoke with him about the…” EN | DE

2009/10: Carnegie Council video article with Daniel Jonah Goldhagen

Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity
“Rwanda, Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur, Congo, and more—since World War II, genocide has caused more deaths than all wars put together. Goldhagen analyses how and why genocides start and proposes steps the international community can take to stop them.” via cceia.org

2006/03: The New Republic

The New Threat: The Radical Politics Of Islamic Fundamentalism

This major article in the New Republic brings to light the
serious threat Political Islam poses to the West and explains how to defeat it..pdf