Universities, high schools, and community education forums have all used my books and me in their curricula, educational initiatives, and special events. Hitler’s Willing Executioners has been used in hundreds of university courses and an amazing number of high school classes — which I know from the stream of emails I receive — from around the world. For those interested in ordering the book for classroom use, its publisher Vintage Books can be contacted. I have also spoken at scores of universities and schools about Hitler’s Willing Executioners, A Moral Reckoning, and related themes. -> Book A Talk

With Worse Than War there are even more expansive educational opportunities. As with Hitler’s Willing Executioners, I am prepared to speak critical truths about genocide and eliminationism (what they are, why they occur so frequently, why the killers kill, why the world does next to nothing to stop them, and what we can effectively do to prevent them) at universities and all manner of educational or communal forums. -> Book A Talk For those interested in ordering the book for classroom use, its publisher PublicAffairs Books can be contacted.

I am also delighted to be teaming up with Facing History and Ourselves, the preeminent Holocaust, genocide, and Human Rights educational institution, to produce a teacher’s resource guide for using Worse Than War – the Film in secondary school classrooms, which should be ready January 1, 2011. If you are a teacher and are interested in using or learning more about this resource, please contact Facing History.

What noted educators, humanitarians, and scholars say about the educational value of my books:

British Secretary of Education Michael Gove in the Mail on Sunday (UK) endorses the need for studying Worse Than War: “Worse Than War makes a compelling and brave argument that our world must heed if we are to see sanity restored. The past century stands out in history not so much for the speed of technical innovation or the growth in life expectancy, but for the prevalence of organised mass murder….It is to Goldhagen’s immense credit that he painstakingly reminds us not just of those slaughters… He illuminatingly explains what unites them all, showing how political hate campaigns are used to poison minds. He demonstrates how men are moved to kill when they believe their land can be redeemed by wiping out an alien enemy…. Goldhagen’s manner of linking these genocides is powerfully original. But the most compelling part of his book is his central argument that we have allowed mass murder to continue by failing to recognise that genocidal campaigns have killed more than wars in the past century. And we have the power to end genocides if we simply take steps to remove the tyrannical regimes that use genocide as a political tool. Goldhagen is magnificent… and he is inspiring… There are those who will dismiss Goldhagen as preachy or naive. They should be ignored. Because if we pay heed to them, we ignore something far more significant: the ongoing slaughter of innocents across this world which it is in our power to prevent.” –

Humanitarian activist Mia Farrow in The Best Five Books on Everything declares that Worse Than War “should be taught in every school.”

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate, in the Observer (UK) judges Hitler’s Willing Executioners: “A tremendous contribution to the understanding and teaching of the Holocaust.”