Daniel Jonah Goldhagen appears in the United States and around the world talking about the following topics:

Genocide – Worse Than War

  • Worse Than War - Genocide seems at once so familiar and so overwhelming that we don’t consider that if we change our thinking about the problem, then we can see the way to stopping the killing and do so relatively easily. Drawing on what I have learned in nearly two decades of study, and showing unforgettable short clips from the major PBS documentary grounded in my book Worse Than War, I explain how we have thoroughly misunderstood what genocide is and why it happens, illuminate why the killers killed, and, based on this new understanding, propose a set of new policies that would be sure to radically reduce the incidence of mass killing, saving potentially millions of lives. My work and my talk are devoted to making the phrase “never again” finally mean it for everyone.


  • Hitler’s Willing Executioners - Based on the book’s contents, I revisit and reconsider our understanding of the Holocaust and its perpetrators, which leads to a fundamental revision in our thinking of the years between 1933-1945.
  • Holocaust Denial - The power of this movement has continued to grow.  I analyze its nature, which is far more significant than merely denying a historical event, its sources, and its prospects, including, David Irving’s two trials, the last one leading to his recent sentencing to prison in Austria. 
  • From Justice to Moral Repair – Based on the contents of A Moral Reckoning, I ask the neglected question of what those involved in perpetrating great violence and harm against others, such as during the Holocaust, must do (aside from monetary reparations) after the fact to repair the harm as best they can.  Focusing on the role of the Catholic Church in the Holocaust, and its need to perform repair, the themes of this talk lay out a set of principles central to the moral lives of societies.

Israel, Islam, and the World

  • Political Islam’s Offensive and Threat - Drawing on the big cover story in the current New Republic, I reveal the strong thread linking three seemingly separate events: Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons, Hamas’ assumption of political power, and the anti-cartoon violence that has swept across the Islamic world.  All are powerful manifestations of Political Islam’s current offensive and extreme threat.  We are perhaps witnessing the beginning of a global intifada that must be understood and countered.  While the threat is substantial, there are also hopeful signs.  Finally, the Europeans are beginning to understand the dangers that face them and the world, and that Israel and the United States are not the problem but are the Europeans’ allies against Political Islam’s alarming threat.
  • How Vulnerable is Israel? - Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s recent call to “wipe Israel off the map” refocuses our attention on the ongoing dangers Israel faces, including to its existence. Might Israel be facing a second Holocaust? How should we understand the multiple threats that Israel must deal with, from within, from nearby now worsened by Hamas’ assumption of control of the Palestinian Authority, and from the skies, including the Iranian nuclear one? And what is to be done to defuse these threats? I speak truthfully and forcefully about the perils Israel faces, their sources, and the necessary responses.


  • The Globalization of Anti-Semitism - In our globalized age, antisemitism has also been globalized both in its reach and its form. I identify a new, third historical wave of antisemitism, which, while drawing substantially on previous forms of antisemitism, is also radically different.  If it is to be combated, its real distinctive nature must first be understood. I explain what is new about today’s antisemitism, why it has taken on novel forms and accusations, and what its particular dangers are.



“We knew we had to make this a spectacular evening. You certainly did not let us down! We have not stopped receiving compliments on how much people enjoyed listening to you and learning so much from your message about the Holocaust. It was an enlightening evening which certainly could have continued far into the night. Your ability and willingness to make the subject matter so accessible truly made you one of the finest speakers our groups have ever heard.” -Ellen Essig, Co-Chair, Cardozo/Maimonides Dinner Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

“It was magisterial presentation. Your very evident mastery of the material kept the audience absolutely still and, indeed, virtually mesmerized during the entire talk. At the same time you did not, nor did you need to, engage, in histrionic rhetoric to make your points. There is no question that the audience was fully appreciative of what you said and how you said it. Additionally, your answers to the questions asked were illuminating and insightful.” -Rabbi Dr. Mordecai Schnaidman, Mt. Sinai Jewish Center.

“I want to thank you for your nuanced and clear-eyed presentation on the contemporary form(s) of anti-Semitism. We all learned a great deal from your vast store of knowledge of the subject and from your judicious assessment of the danger it poses. And thank you also for your thoughtful answers to the array of questions that followed your presentation.” - Eva Sartori, Program Coordinator, Jewish Community of Amherst.

“This year’s Holocaust Awareness Week was an incredible success. Through your participation, you have helped create by far the most successful event our committee has ever sponsored. We estimate over 2000 people attended our events throughout the week…Your contribution was instrumental in making this event so meaningful to so many.” -Jeremy Goldsmith, Students for Holocaust Awareness, Colorado State University.

Danny Goldhagen’s speech was a phenomenal success. He held the attention of a crowd of students for almost two hours, and was the instigator of an ongoing discussion about the Holocaust among Jewish students here.” – Jesse Cook-Dubin, Dartmouth College Hillel, Hanover, NH.

“The visit by Professor Daniel Goldhagen was an unqualified success. Dr. Goldhagen was a wonderful guest, very accommodating, easy to talk to, and willing to speak to individuals at great length. It was a pleasure having him here and he made a wonderful impression on the entire audience.” -Herbert Hochhauser, Director, Jewish Studies Program Kent State University.


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